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Unique DNA Born online in DE. We're in the fashion / technology / engineering / analytics / mobile / online marketing / e-commerce business and we love it.

Our team is a unique DNA of experience and knowledge–ranging from fashion and design, to technology, operations and retail. We love coding as much as design. Analytics as much as the latest trends.

Our Fulfillment Center

We know you're excited about your order and so are we! By operating our own Fulfillment Center our goal is to ensure it's quickly in your hands. It's here we process all new incoming merchandise from our domestic and international suppliers. From there, everything is run through quality control and sent out our door to meet you.

Our Photography Studio

The daily bustle of the studio breathes life into our brand. This is where our models, stylists, makeup artists, music and creative vision, all merge to produce visuals that we hope will inspire. It's a business we take seriously, but also have the most fun!

Our Customer Care

Our Customer Care serves over 1 million ladies in 20+ countries. It's here we're able to meet with you one on one, hear your feedback and integrate it back into our design, construction and vision. To us, it's more than just selling shoes, it's about earning your trust with exceptional service.

Continuously Improving

We're always pushing our products, services and processes to the next level. Simply put, because of you, we're forever moving forward, getting better, and growing.

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CEO Granteva.